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Over 12,000 boys were sexually abused or assaulted by Boy Scout leaders during a period of more than 70 years. (Source: CNN). With the statutes of limitations in childhood sexual abuse cases changing all the time, victims may be eligible for compensation even if the abuse or assault happened years or even decades earlier.

If you were a Boy Scout who was sexually abused by someone in the organization, you will need to file a claim in order to receive the compensation you deserve. Ventura Law can help. Please call (203) 800-8000 for a free and 100% confidential consultation. For privacy reasons, you can give us your first name and the initial of your last name during the initial conversation.

Sexual Abuse and Assault in Boy Scouts

How Do I File a Claim Against the Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy in February 2020. Because the Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy, you do not need to file a personal injury lawsuit to pursue compensation. Instead, your claim will proceed through the bankruptcy court.

The bankruptcy court has not yet set a deadline for survivors to file claims. However, it is important to be aware of the process for filing a claim and how long you have to do so. Ventura Law will update this page with such details as they arise.

As the bankruptcy proceedings move forward, the court will review and approve key details such as:

  • The procedure for evaluating claims, including the forms claimants will need to file, the deadline to file, and internal processes and timelines for review of claims
  • The amount of compensation available to individual claimants
    • Amounts may vary if the court approves a plan that compensates survivors according to levels of severity of the abuse they suffered

The process of filing a claim for compensation can be overwhelming. As such, it is important to contact an experienced attorney who can help you through the process.

How Ventura Law Can Help

Attorneys at Ventura Law have extensive experience in complex litigation and bankruptcy. Our firm has been serving clients throughout the country for more than 60 years, and we have the resources and knowledge to help those who were victimized when they were in the Boy Scouts.

Claims involving large organizations like the Boy Scouts of America can be complicated. It is important to speak to a lawyer sooner than later so you understand the claims process and get the help you need to file.

For a free and 100% confidential consultation, please call (203) 800-8000 or contact us online. Our team is committed to your privacy, and we will take down only your first name and last initial upon request when you first talk to us.

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