Dangerous Drugs

Medications and drugs are used to treat patients who suffer from a wide variety of medical conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes the drugs used to treat patients can do more harm than good. Not only can the drugs not work effectively to treat the condition but, even worse, they may cause unexpected side effects or significant harm to the patients who trustingly took the medication.

Millions of prescriptions for medications are written each year to help cure or ease the effects of an illness or disease. While most pharmaceutical products are safe and effective, there is always a chance that these products could harm users. Too often, drug companies put their corporate profits and shareholders ahead of patient safety.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers routinely invest millions of dollars in developing new drugs. In many cases the research is conducted by the drug companies themselves or outside researchers, and do demonstrate known risks associated with the drug. In too many instances, however, drug companies have chosen to place profits over safety and have decided to market a dangerous or defective product, despite evidence of adverse effects and dangerous complications.

When dangerous drugs cause injury, the manufacturers and drug companies must be held responsible. The damages and losses can be significant and can result in serious  personal injury, illness, or even death. Drug companies are obligated under the law to pay for any injuries or illnesses that arise as a direct result of dangerous and defective drugs.

When a plaintiff is able to successfully prove that the drug is dangerous and that it caused harm, or that the drug company was negligent in some way, the plaintiff is entitled to recover compensation for medical costs arising from any treatment made necessary by the dangerous drug. The plaintiff can also recover compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and in certain cases, even punitive damages.

A law firm experienced in handling claims stemming from dangerous or defective drugs will explain to you what the best course of action is given the situation and nature of your injury or medical condition. Your lawyer will help you to gather the evidence you need and prove your claim so you can get the compensation you deserve from the drug company who released the product that harmed you or your loved one.

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