Governmental Entity Representation

Ventura Law has a proud tradition of representing municipal and other governmental entities nationwide, in the investigation, prosecution and settlement of complex litigation matters. From environmental to pharmaceutical-based litigation, Ventura Law understands the legal theories and damage analyses unique to governmental units. Notably, Ventura Law successfully represented numerous gulf coast municipalities in their claims for damages arising from the BP oil disaster, recovering the economic losses sustained by each entity in their own community. More recently, Ventura Law received state and national recognition for its representation of various governmental entities in lawsuits against the opioid manufacturers and distributors that caused the opioid epidemic.

Ventura Law is currently investigating, advising and litigating legal claims on behalf of municipalities nationwide, for the infrastructure damage and requisite retrofitting necessary to address the reckless disposal of perfluorinated chemicals in our nation’s waterways. These “PFCs” – as they are known – are admittedly toxic chemicals being used by manufacturers in the production of infinite numbers of consumer products from Teflon to dental floss. Additionally, these chemicals are found in aqueous film forming foam (known as “AFFF”), which is used to suppress fires at firefighting academies, military bases and airports nationwide. The run-off from the use of AFFF and the manufacture of these consumer products is known to cause cancer, as well as other serious health issues, such as ulcerative colitis, as far as thirty miles downriver from its release into our waterways.

In addition, Ventura Law is now investigating and advising school districts regarding potential claims against the manufacturers, distributors and sellers of electronic cigarettes. An epidemic itself, “Juuling” is costing municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of diversion of school district assets and resources to, among other things, surveil bathrooms, implement e-cigarette and JUUL specific policies and install cameras and other detection devices.

In its representation of governmental entities, Ventura Law meets with local municipal leaders to advise, investigate, and if necessary, file legal action to protect the claims of municipalities. Ventura Law also works with scientists and forensic experts to help governmental entities properly and thoroughly evaluate and quantify damages. All of this work is done on a contingency fee basis so that no governmental entity has to expend monies unless a recovery is obtained, on its behalf, by Ventura Law.