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Our attorneys at Ventura Law have worked to provide superior legal representation to Weston residents for decades. Our experienced firm offers legal assistance in the areas of Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, General Practice and Complex Litigation. Ventura Law is devoted to getting you your deserved compensation. If English is not a client’s first or preferred language, we also speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We provide legal representation for our Weston clients from our Norwalk office. Have questions? Give us a call at: 203-800-8000.

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Protecting You During Recovery

Our firm knows that injuries can occur at any time. When an injury does happen, our attorneys serving Weston are sensitive to how hard of a time it may be. During this difficult time, insurance company investigators will look into one’s personal and professional background. This is done so that companies can pay as little amount of money as possible to injury victims. If this happens to you we highly recommend finding legal assistance. Our attorneys serving Weston have provided legal counsel to thousands of injury victims. No case is too complicated for our firm.

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Additional Areas of Law We Service

General Practice

General Practice

Our law firm serving Weston provides Personal Injury services, Complex Litigation services, and a multitude of general law practice services. We are here to help with all sorts of complex decisions. These may include real estate transactions, business decisions, or difficult estate planning.

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Complex Litigation

Complex Litigation

Ventura Law serving Weston is also here to provide residents with legal representation in complex litigation cases. If you or a loved one have been harmed by a medication or drug, you may want to seek out legal counsel. Manufacturers and drug companies should be held responsible in these instances. We are ready to help victims of harmful prescription medications with their legal cases.

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Worker's Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Getting hurt on the job can often be the start of a long, confusing process. Making a worker’s compensation claim can often be a convoluted experience in itself. However, our Workers’ Compensation attorneys serving Weston are ready to help you through it. After a workplace injury we can assist you with problems at your job, with your insurance company, or by helping you assess the medical care you need.

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Serving Weston Residents When They Need Us

Dog Bite Claim Attorneys

Being attacked or bitten by a dog can be frightening for anyone. It can result in serious injury or permanent scarring and emotional trauma. Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dog or pet under control, and this means that a dog owner may also be held accountable if their dog injures another person.

A person attacked or bitten by a dog should feel safe working with Ventura Law’s trusted lawyers who serve Weston. Our Personal Injury Company can help you get a reward for medical care and bills or emotional and mental trauma.

Reach out to our trusted dog bite lawyers today to ensure the dog owner is to be held responsible for all injuries and damages their dog caused. We are committed to holding dog owners responsible for your injuries and we will go to any length to assist you.

Truck & Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents and motorcycles accidents can be common in Weston. The result of an accident with one of these vehicles can be tasking and can leave you with medical expenses, and unpredictable problems with your insurance company.

Our trusted lawyers in truck and motorcycle accidents at Ventura Law will be on stand by for you. We have already represented thousands of road accidents and motorcycle accident victims at Ventura Law, and we understand how important it is to be an excellent lawyer to state your rights.

Our experienced lawyers demand full compensation from dog owners for our clients through compassionate and practical customer service. We want to help you get the reimbursement you need.

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