The Advantages of Organic Weed Control

Weeds are an inevitable annoyance in any gardener’s life, invading lawns and creating extra work for even the most green-fingered of people. The use of synthetic chemicals has traditionally managed weeds – but at what cost to the environment?

Chemical herbicides not only cause what is known as ‘soil persistence’ but they can also make their way into groundwater, resulting in the contamination of wells and even municipal water systems.  So what is the alternative to synthetic weed killers? The answer may be in organic weed control methods.

Organic Weed Control Is Safer

There is a reason that most commercial chemical herbicides come with warnings on their label. If you use a chemical weed killer on your plants and produce, you have to be extremely careful and wear protective clothing. Even if you wash your vegetables (and you should!), chemicals can still seep into the soil where they are growing. Using organic weed control methods can help to give you peace of mind that your produce is safe for consumption. If you have any children or pets in the household, it is crucial that they are kept safe, and away from chemical herbicides.

Organic Weed Control

Commercial herbicides can be expensive. Organic weed control can be as simple as spraying weeds with household vinegar! Vinegar is a safe and natural alternative that is eco-friendly and won’t harm your family, your pets or the environment. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps to draw the moisture out of the weeds and kill them. It is important to note that vinegar is not selective when killing plants. When using it as a herbicide, you must be careful it does not touch your prized petunias!

Organic Weed Control Is Simply, Good Technique

Organic weed control is not merely using greener herbicides. Rather than eradicate weeds, the aim is to suppress weed growth. This is achieved by promoting optimal soil health. There are several ways to do this, such as using biologically based fertilizers and compost. For instance, compost can help suppress weed growth by naturally killing weed seeds. Healthy soil encourages vigorous plant growth that can, in turn, outcompete weeds, reducing the need for herbicides.

Organic Weed Control Gets You Active

The best method of weed control is to pull them by hand. Although this can be difficult and tiring, it can also be extremely gratifying. Not only will you guarantee that the weeds are completely removed, but you also get to spend time in your beloved garden. Weeding by hand may not be practical for all gardeners, especially if your yard is large, but it can be the ideal method for walkways and borders. Gardening offers therapeutic benefits as well as physical. According to the Environment and Sustainability Institute landscaping could improve physical, psychological, and social health. All the more reason to show those weeds who’s boss!

Organic Weed Control Can Make Your Lawn Even Better

A thick and healthy lawn is not a happy place for weeds. By limiting space, you also limit weeds’ ability to grow and thrive. A practical method to minimize weeds is to mow your lawn high and fertilize it frequently.  You can also keep weeds at bay by reseeding your lawn in the fall. Weeds tend to have died off by this time of year, so there is less competition with the grass seeds to take root.

There is no one sure-fire way to kill all weeds. A combination of organic weed control methods and some vigilance will effectively minimize weed growth – without the need for chemical herbicides!

By Attorney Nicole Barber