Ventura Law Provides Thanksgiving Turkeys for Danbury Daily Bread Food Pantry

Ventura Law Provides Thanksgiving Turkeys for Danbury Daily Bread Food Pantry and staff to assist in food distribution. NOVEMBER 12, 2017 Nothing can run on empty. That is why Ventura Law is joining The Daily Bread Food Pantry to help feed the hungry and bring awareness to hunger issues in Danbury. To do our part in fighting hunger, Ventura Law will be providing the Daily Bread Food Pantry 100 turkeys for families and individuals in need for the holiday as part of a nationwide community outreach event — known as the Injury Board Day of Action (#IBDayofAction). Turkeys and canned goods will be distributed on Monday, November 20, 2017, at the Daily Bread Food Pantry located within the St. James Episcopal Church in Danbury. “We are very excited to support the food pantry. They perform an invaluable service to those in need,” says Augie Ribeiro, CEO of Ventura Law. “We are pleased to do everything we can to give back to our community, not just during the holiday season, but all year round.” The IB Day of Action is a nationwide, collaborative effort to bring together more than 100 plaintiffs’ lawyer firms from across the U.S. — all working for the same cause on the same day. “We are passionate about helping Injury Board members give back to their communities; it’s part of the DNA of our organization,” says Tom Young, attorney-at-law and co-founder of The Injury Board. “We are extremely proud to bring our members together for this day of action. To make even the smallest difference is better than making no difference at all.” About Daily Bread Food Pantry: Daily Bread Food Pantry began as a non-profit organization serving the Danbury community in 1984. Our mission is to help those in need of food whatever their circumstances, and maintain the dignity of our clients in a compassionate and caring atmosphere. We serve a diverse group of clients from the greater Danbury area (approximately 500-600 families a month). About The Injury Board: The Injury Board is a professional association of trial attorneys who pool their time, talents and resources to expand the footprint of grassroots organizations. In doing so, the association aims to contribute to the strengthening of our communities. For more information, please visit