Our Founder – Americo S. Ventura (1927-2017)

For Over 60 Years, Americo S. Ventura Provided Legal Services Built on the Principle of Compassionate Service and Giving Back to the Community


Attorney Ventura attended Georgetown University undergrad and began practicing law in Danbury, CT in 1957 upon his graduation from Boston University School of Law. The son of Portuguese immigrants, Attorney Ventura was a United States Army Veteran and served as the Chief Prosecutor in the City of Danbury. He spoke Spanish and Portuguese fluently and was very proud of his role in bringing diversity to the local bar and to the law firm. He had partnered with Dianne Andersen, the first female lawyer in Danbury in 1957, and hired Danbury’s first African American attorney, Connecticut Court of Appeals Judge Thomas G. West.

He believed that the law was an honorable profession – one of service and esteem – and he continued to exemplify those values, and practice the profession he loved, until his passing.

Attorney Ventura was an iconic figure in the legal community and in the City of Danbury and served our community with vigor for over 60 years. He was, until his last days, a fighter for the causes and people he believed in. He loved to counsel families and navigate them through the challenges of the law. He also served as a role model, mentor, and counselor to thousands of people in the community. He encouraged many to pursue higher education and professional development and started a scholarship fund to provide scholarships to college and graduate school students.

Attorney Ventura was honored for 60 years of service to the legal community by the Danbury Bar Association and the Connecticut Bar Association. He additionally received numerous recognitions and proclamations from the City of Danbury and the U.S. Senate for his pro bono and community service. While he received many awards and recognition for his work, he measured himself and others by what really mattered, the authenticity of their character. He was a champion of all immigrants regardless of their social status. He put the needs of others ahead of his own.

Attorney Ventura passed on September 1, 2017, at the age of 89. He was an icon in the Portuguese community. He personified and embodied who we wanted to be as a firm and as an organization. He cared. He listened. He counseled. In 2017, the Firm changed its name to Ventura law to honor his legacy.

Ventura Law carries on this legacy by continuing to serve our clients and the community with the zeal and compassion Attorney Ventura stood for. Today Ventura Law’s attorneys and staff come from 13 different countries, with three-quarters of them speaking multiple languages.