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Being attacked or bitten by a dog can be a frightening experience and can result in serious injury and often permanent scarring and emotional trauma.

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Steps to Take After a Dog Attack or Dog Bite:

 Get dog owner’s information
It is important to get the dog owner’s name and contact information (address, contact phone number, and even homeowner’s insurance information if the attack or bite occurred at a residence).

 Identify witnesses
If there are witnesses to the dog attack (other than the owner), make sure and get their names and contact information. Witnesses may play a key role in backing up your version of the dog attack if it differs from the owner’s story.

 Get medical treatment
If you are injured by a dog bite or dog attack, visit a medical provider as soon as possible. When you visit a doctor or the emergency room, make sure that you explain how you were injured so that proper records are taken of your injury and how it occurred.

 Take photographs
Take a photo of the dog bite/injury as soon as possible. Take photos again every week or so to document the progress of the injury and if there is any scarring.

 Document medical expenses
Document all of the medical expenses associated with the treatment of your injuries, including medical bills, prescription costs and insurance co-pays.

 Report the dog attack to animal control and check animal control records for prior attacks
After a dog attack, promptly report the incident to local animal control authorities. This is particularly important if the dog did not have any tags or you were unable to locate the owner.

Check with animal control to see if there are any previous documented attacks by the dog in question.

If you or your loved one is attacked or bitten by a dog:

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 Medical care and bills.
Some dog bites can require extensive medical procedures to repair damage to muscle tissue and nerves or to cover up the appearance of scars that alter the victim’s physical appearance. Bites may also become infected and require emergency treatment to address the infection.

 Emotional and psychological trauma
Some victims experience flashbacks of a brutal attack any time they approach another animal. It can impact their ability to socialize with dog owners and make it difficult to maintain friendships and relationships with people who have pets.

 Permanent scarring
It is difficult for children and adolescents to develop friendships and make needed social connections when they are ridiculed over their appearance. Dog bites can leave noticeable scars and make it difficult for children to lead a normal and healthy life without undergoing extensive plastic surgery.

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