How Can You Effectively Negotiate with Insurance Adjusters After a Connecticut Traffic Accident?

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster, also known as a “claims adjuster” or a “loss adjuster”, is a licensed professional employed by an insurance company to be their “eyes and ears” when an individual files a claim. The insurance adjuster investigates to evaluate each claim’s validity. This is done by gathering evidence, such as police reports and medical bills, interviewing claimants or witnesses, and inspecting the extent of property damage. Once they’ve reviewed everything, the adjuster will determine the amount of compensation to be paid and seek to negotiate a settlement. 

Is an Insurance Adjuster Unbiased?

Unlike a judge, who is an uninfluenced party, an adjuster always answers the insurance company. An insurance company’s business strategy is to take in more money in premiums than it has to pay out in claims. By adjusting claims and ensuring the company is not overpaying, an insurance adjuster helps to protect their employer’s bottom line. Considering an insurance adjuster’s job description when dealing with them makes it easier to understand their actions. 

How Many Insurance Adjusters Are Involved in a Connecticut Car Accident?

After a Connecticut car accident, having two adjusters handle your claim is the most common. 

  • Property damage: One adjuster will be assigned to property damage alone. They may request information on your car or personal property and even conduct a physical inspection when severe damage is sustained. 
  • Personal Injury: If you have sustained bodily injuries during your accident, you may also have a personal injury claims adjuster. This adjuster will follow your case and collect the relevant evidence to determine how much of your medical treatment is covered by your policy. They may also try negotiating a settlement before you have finished treatment to close the open claim against the insurance company. 
  • Other drivers: Claims adjusters from the other driver’s insurance company may also contact you. They will try to find evidence that you are not injured or get you to admit fault for the accident to benefit their client. It is safest to politely decline an interview with a claims adjuster working for another until you have discussed the matter with a lawyer to protect your rights. 

How Do I Negotiate with an Insurance Adjuster?

If you plan to be your own advocate and negotiate with the insurance adjuster yourself, here are 10 quick tips on the best way to go about it.

  1. Gather all the evidence. Collect all medical records, photos, reports on the accident, bills for repairs, witness statements, and anything else that will help to strengthen your claim during negotiations. 
  2. Get educated. Do some study to familiarize yourself with Connecticut’s traffic laws so you are positive you were not at fault. Review state insurance regulations, so you know your rights. Then, review your personal insurance policy so you know what it covers and are confident about what you should expect. 
  3. Act like a professional. When you contact your claims adjuster, recognize you are one of the hundreds of hurt and possibly angry individuals seeking compensation for their claim. Stand out by conducting yourself with dignity and certainty.
  4. Stick to what you know. Facts are easy to reference. They are documented on paper, in bills, reports, and other evidence. Avoid making assumptions or engaging in rambling conversation. If the insurance adjuster spots inconsistencies in your description of events, it could undermine the credibility of your claim.
  5. Keep documenting everything. Even after you file a claim, you may still be experiencing pain and suffering or attending medical treatment. Never stop keeping the physical evidence required to prove the damage you are sustaining. 
  6. Set a goal and stick to it. After reviewing all related evidence yourself, determine your desired settlement outcome. Use this as a benchmark as you negotiate your claim. 
  7. Exercise patience and persistence. You are probably eager to move on after your car accident. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster isn’t in a rush. Beware that claims can take months or even years to handle and buckle down for the long haul. If you give in quickly, you are less likely to get the settlement you want.
  8. Call in legal backup. If you are mistreated and have hit a roadblock in negotiations, consider hiring a legal professional to advocate for your rights. Know when to call for help.
  9. Record all communications. Keep detailed records of any conversation with insurance adjusters, including emails, written correspondence, and notes or recordings of phone calls. (It is illegal to record a phone call in Connecticut without the other person’s knowledge, so ensure you have consent.) The recording can prove helpful in holding the insurance company to its word. 
  10. Review potential settlements carefully. There is a lot of fine print on a settlement. Make sure to read and understand everything before accepting or rejecting the offer. Take your time in doing so and get your questions answered to ensure you are doing your best for yourself.

When is it Better to Hire a Lawyer?

If you did not suffer much physical or property damage and there is not much at stake, you may be able to negotiate an equitable settlement for yourself to cover these costs. Be sure not to underestimate your claim, though, as once you have signed an agreement, you will not be able to request further compensation if you experience additional physical or mental suffering after the fact. 

Hiring a lawyer can make a significant difference when your car accident has severely affected your enjoyment of life enjoyment, your physical or mental health, or your ability to work and earn a living. While an insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, a lawyer works for you. Many people are unaware of just how valuable their claims are until they speak to an experienced personal injury attorney. 

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