Connecticut General Practice Lawyers

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Ventura Law complements its personal injury and complex litigation practice with a suite of general law practice services. Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, or selling a home, starting or managing a small business, or making difficult estate planning decisions for yourself or a loved one, we are here to serve your legal needs.

Real Estate Transactions

Our experienced real estate attorneys provide strategic advice, negotiate, prepare the necessary documents, and handle closings for real estate transactions large and small. We assist our clients with:

  • Negotiation and preparation of purchase agreements and leases
  • Drafting and filing of deeds
  • Litigation services for real estate disputes
  • Reviewing title searches and obtaining title insurance
  • Property assessments and other tax issues
Business Services

Ventura Law regularly provides advice and drafting services for all aspects of starting and running a business. We help our clients select the most advantageous business entity for their business objectives, from the standpoint of minimizing personal liability of the client, minimizing tax obligations, and providing for efficient, effective management of the business.

We provide all legal services relating to the formation of limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, traditional corporate entities, and sole proprietorships. We assist in all legally required state and local registrations, including trade name applications, “dba” registration, and permitting where necessary.

Estate Planning

Ventura Law offers a full range of estate planning services for its clients.

Individuals who fail to provide for disposition of their assets upon incapacity our death are often subject to harsh and unforeseen consequences. Young parents who die without a will have no control over who will look after their children. Similarly, wills, advance directives, and other estate planning tools can help preserve savings and property earned over a lifetime of hard work.

Ventura Law’s estate planning services include:

  • Asset investigation and strategic realignment
  • Wills and trusts
  • Guardianships
  • Living wills
  • Living and charitable trusts
  • Health Care Agents
  • Power of attorney and medical directives

Ventura Law also assists executors in the administration of decedent’s estates. Estate administration can be a complex and emotionally draining experience for the executor. We guide executors through this difficult time, by ensuring that deadlines are met, that assets are identified and properly valuated, and that the decedent’s wishes are carried out in a fair and efficient manner.


Ventura Law represents landlords in lease transactions. We negotiate and draft lease agreements for our clients, and we handle all aspects of eviction proceedings when necessary.

Legal Checkups

In most cases, the need for legal services is clear: an auto accident, an injury on the job, or an injury due to a defective product or dangerous pharmaceutical drug.

However, there are many other situations where the need for legal advice is less apparent but nonetheless critical. Timely life planning, assisted by knowledgeable attorneys, could save substantial money or help to avoid legal headaches in the future.

If you are facing a major life event such as marriage, the birth of a new child, or deteriorating health due to illness or old age, we encourage you to carefully consider how the law applies to your situation. Ventura Law attorneys can explain all of your options and help ensure a sound decision for yourself and your loved ones.

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