Thousands killed in truck accidents each year

Every day, thousands of drivers in Connecticut encounter large commercial trucks while driving on the freeway or on city streets. The potential for serious injuries or even fatalities is great when a smaller car is involved in a truck accident. Being heavier, more difficult to maneuver and  sometimes faster than surrounding traffic, trucks can cause devastating crashes.

Unfortunately, truck accidents aren’t an uncommon occurrence. According to Insurance News Net, about 100,000 people are injured and more than 4,000 killed in the country each year in trucking accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 14 fatalities involving trucks in Connecticut in 2012.

Truck accident in Granby highlights grave danger

In October, an armored truck struck a passenger vehicle head-on in Granby on Route 20, reported Turn to 10 News. The driver of the car was reported to be in stable condition, but unfortunately his 2-year-old son was hospitalized in critical condition. The truck driver and a passenger in the truck were said to have suffered minor injuries. Authorities were unsure of the cause of the crash but were still investigating. If the crash was determined to be the fault of the truck driver, the other driver might wish to pursue legal action.

Truck driver fatigue one of numerous common accident causes

Many truck drivers log in up to 82 hours each week in driving time. Unsurprisingly, any of these drivers could be too tired to drive. However, driver fatigue is just one cause in a long list of factors that commonly result in truck crashes, says State Farm. Others include the following:

  • Distractions, including cellphone use, texting, eating and truck radios.
  • Brake failure or other truck repair issues.
  • Load weight imbalance or cargo shifting while driving.
  • Alcohol, medications or substance abuse.
  • Speeding, aggressiveness or reckless driving.

Additionally, most trucks have large blind spots that can make it difficult for drivers to see smaller vehicles nearby, says Edmunds. Trucks also require extra time and distance to come to a complete stop. Weather, traffic and road conditions also frequently contribute to the risk of a trucking accident.

Contacting an attorney

Despite the best precautions, it is impossible to always predict if a truck driver is about to cause an accident. If you or a loved one was involved in a crash that was caused by an impaired or negligent truck driver, you may be eligible for the compensation of your medical expenses. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options.

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