Common Injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries. This is true even at very low speeds. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, most airbags deploy at 16 mph for belted occupants. Seatbelts on their own are inadequate to prevent serious injuries at higher rates of travel. Unfortunately, drivers and the occupants of vehicles […]
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Investigating Your Motor Vehicle Accident

The scene of any traffic accident is chaotic. Cars are backed up, debris is in the road, and police and rescue workers must often cordon off the area to assist victims and determine what happened. After an accident, the insurance companies for the drivers involved will send investigators to the scene as soon as possible. […]
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How to Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer

When you need help recovering after a truck accident, your choice of legal representation matters. You will need a lawyer to assert your legal rights, and you will need to feel confident that your lawyer is capable of helping you recover just compensation. So, how do you choose? When choosing a truck accident lawyer, there […]
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