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Complex Litigation Attorneys

Attorneys Serving Clients Nationwide in Complex Legal Matters

Some legal matters are more complicated than others. Elements such as the nature of the claim, the facts particular to each case, the parties involved and how many parties are involved, as well as the applicable laws and precedents all impact how complex a case may be.

Ventura Law has decades of experience representing clients in complex litigation matters. Our lawyers have obtained results for our clients against multinational corporations, prominent institutions and other parties with significant money, resources and influence.

Find out how our experience in complex litigation can benefit you. Call (203) 800-8000 today for a free evaluation of your case. Our law firm serves clients nationwide from offices in Connecticut and New York.

Product Liability

Over the years, countless companies have been sued for the manufacture, distribution and/or sale of defective products. Defective product claims often involve serious physical injuries and other harm affecting hundreds upon thousands of consumers.

Attorneys at Ventura Law represent clients who have suffered serious injuries as a result of:

In some cases, defective products take a devastating toll on entire communities. Our legal team is actively representing government entities in litigation proceedings against the manufacturers, distributors and sellers of several harmful products:

Opioid Litigation

For decades, the makers of opioid-based pain medications did not disclose the risks posed by their products. This has resulted in a nationwide epidemic of dependency and overdoses that overwhelms government agencies and resources.

E-Cigarette Litigation

School districts have implemented a number of features and policies to combat smoking and tobacco use. However, the advent of Juul and other e-cigarettes has resulted in significant financial and policy challenges for schools as they try to crack down on smokeless tobacco use among students.

Environmental Contamination

One of the biggest environmental threats facing governments throughout the country is water contamination with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS are used to manufacture many different consumer products. When the chemicals enter a community’s water supply, residents may be at risk for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Sexual Abuse & Assault

One of the complexities underlying sexual assault and abuse litigation is the fear and reluctance to come forward. Ventura Law recognizes the need for discretion in these cases, and we provide a safe, private and confidential setting for survivors to begin seeking justice.

Our legal team serves clients in sexual abuse cases involving:

  • The clergy
  • Medical practitioners
  • Sex traffickers

Some of these claims center on the violence or abuses of one individual. Others, however, are the result of institutional negligence where the actions of one or more predators are covered up by those in power.

Business Interruption Claims

Many business owners were forced to shut their doors for months in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Those who purchased business interruption insurance turned to their insurer for relief from lost income, but many business owners have seen their claims denied.

Disputing business interruption claims is an emerging, complex area of law. Contact Ventura Law for knowledgeable review of your policy and a unique legal strategy for recovering your losses. If you have not yet filed a claim, our legal team will review your policy and assist you in asserting a claim, if one exists under the policy. Similarly, if your claim was denied unjustly, we will pursue a claim on your behalf.

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From consumers to business owners to public servants, the prospect of litigation is often overwhelming. Corporations and institutions have significant money and resources to handle claims, and they will aggressively defend their bottom line.

If you are facing this situation, you need a law firm that will level the playing field. Ventura Law has decades of experience in multiple areas of complex litigation, and we are proud to help individuals and governments pursue justice in complicated legal matters.

For a free case review, please contact Ventura Law online or call (203) 800-8000 today. Our lawyers serve clients in complex litigation cases throughout the country from offices in Connecticut and New York.