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Despite Trump’s Order, Retreating on Separating Families at the Border, Thousands of Children Remain Apart

President Trump caved to enormous political pressure on Wednesday and signed an executive order meant to end the separation of families at the border by detaining parents and children together for an indefinite period. The President’s order, however, does nothing to address the plight of the more than 2,300 children who have already been separated […]

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10 Questions to Determine Hospitalist and Specialist Responsibility in Med-Mal Cases

Physicians known as “hospitalists” have emerged in recent years due to various economic, political, medical, and social forces on inpatient care, and now are the fastest growing medical specialty. Over the last 20 years, while the number of hospitalized patients and number of specialists available to care for them has remained stable, the number of […]

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Little Known Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents, though not necessarily more common than other motor vehicle accidents, can be more shocking and devastating. But, they can also be caused by some unique circumstances. A number of studies and surveys have discovered some interesting facts and statistics about motorcycle accidents: 1. Approximately ¾ of motorcycle accidents involve collisions with another vehicle, […]

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Young Sad Women - Sexual Abuse Assault

Sexual Abuse In Private Schools

Sexual abuse in private schools is more prevalent than one would expect. At these private schools, kids are living away from home — often for the first time — and truly need the support of their teachers and faculty. As such, they are more vulnerable to sexual abuse.  In these situations, where it is not […]

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by Emily B. Ashe Length of Time If there’s one thing we all know, lawsuits can take a long time. One of the down sides for a mass tort client is that their case generally takes a number of years to resolve (they benefit in other ways such as sharing costs with other plaintiffs—I’ll get to […]

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Alcohol – What Is Dram Shop Liability (and what is a dram, anyway)?

Dram shop laws relate to cases in which a person has received alcohol from an establishment and then causes an accident while in an intoxicated state. Dram shop laws allow victims who were hurt by the intoxicated driver to pursue compensation from the establishment or party that provided alcohol to the intoxicated driver. What Is […]

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Surgical Team - Accident Claims in Connecticut

Study ties communication errors to surgical ‘never events’

According to a new study, poor communication among surgical teams may be a common cause of the inexcusable surgical mistakes known as “never events.” Harmful medical errors are a threat that people in Danbury face every time they seek medical attention or treatment. Alarmingly, between 2008 and 2012, over 3,000 people in Massachusetts suffered severe […]

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Brain Injury - Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Brain injury victims often suffer from depression

After suffering from a brain injury in an accident, many victims find that they become depressed in addition to the other consequences of the injury. When accident victims sustain trauma to their head, they often experience varying effects. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, the consequences of traumatic brain injuries often depend on […]

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Distracted Driver - Automobile Accident Lawyers

Distracted Driving Is a Serious Safety Concern

The rise in mobile technology use in recent years has changed the way that many people in the United States drive. Travelers rely on their cell phones not only to stay in touch with loved ones on the road, but also to receive turn-by-turn directions to their destinations. And while this technology has undoubtedly made […]

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Tired Driver - Automobile Accident Lawyers

New research: drowsy driving may be more serious than previously thought

Drowsy driving may cause more accidents and deaths than previously thought, according to new federal research. For many Americans, being sleep-deprived is just a normal part of life. However, when it comes to driving safety, getting a good night’s sleep is nothing to discount. Thousands of car crashes are attributed to drowsy driving in Connecticut […]

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