10 Questions to Determine Hospitalist and Specialist Responsibility in Med-Mal Cases

Physicians known as “hospitalists” have emerged in recent years due to various economic, political, medical, and social forces on inpatient care, and now are the fastest growing medical specialty. Over the last 20 years, while the number of hospitalized patients and number of specialists available to care for them has remained stable, the number of … CONTINUE READING "10 Questions to Determine Hospitalist and Specialist Responsibility in Med-Mal Cases"

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Summer is here and we would like for you to help kick it off by joining us at the 2017 Portuguese Cultural Center Picnic. There will be food, fun and prizes! Bring your family and make sure to stop by the Ventura Law tent and say hello. See you there. June 4th 12pm to 9pm June 9th 6pm … CONTINUE READING "You’re Invited!"

Little Known Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents, though not necessarily more common than other motor vehicle accidents, can be more shocking and devastating. But, they can also be caused by some unique circumstances. A number of studies and surveys have discovered some interesting facts and statistics about motorcycle accidents: 1. Approximately ¾ of motorcycle accidents involve collisions with another vehicle, … CONTINUE READING "Little Known Facts About Motorcycle Accidents"

Sexual Abuse and Assault

Sexual Abuse In Private Schools

Sexual abuse in private schools is more prevalent than one would expect. At these private schools, kids are living away from home -- often for the first time -- and truly need the support of their teachers and faculty. As such, they are more vulnerable to sexual abuse.  In these situations, where it is not … CONTINUE READING "Sexual Abuse In Private Schools"

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